RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Twitter Tips (Twips)

Twitter Tips (Twips)

Tune in every Monday at 5:20pm to KPEL 105.1 for "Branding The Conversation: Using social media tools to expand your brand".  Today's topic is Twitter.  

The following guide will explain what Twitter is, How it works, and why you should use it.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a free web-based service that allows users to post short messages, of up to 140 characters, just like a text message. Twitter also has social elements, allowing users to “follow” each other.  When you follow somebody on twitter you instantly receive their updates and if they follow you, then they will receive your updates as well.  As Twitter co-founder Biz Stone describes it, “Twitter is fundamentally a broadcast system.”


Why use Twitter?

There are a number of reasons to use Twitter.  Primarily, because it is best to fish where the the fish are.  With millions of people using Twitter, and more joining daily, it makes sense to be a part of the conversation.


Listen:  Twitter is the modern day water cooler.  Listening to Twitter can keep you up to date on trends and events as they happen, the airplane landing on theHudson was reported first on Twitter.  In addition, you can listen for your name, your company, and your product and get a feel for your brand.


Respond:  The ability to eavesdrop on Twitter is equivalent to superhero powers.  When you read that someone is disappointed with your product or service, respond to them.  People want to be heard, they want to know that you care.


Conversation:  Your consumers want to get to know you and they want you to know them.  Twitter provides the opportunity to converse with thousands of people easily.


Share:  Twitter is a great way to promote your content.  Have a new video, new post on your blog, new product launch…share it on Twitter and let the world know about it.


Branding:  Twitter will allow your followers, and potentially your consumers, to get to know you. Your brand is not your logo or your product, your brand is how people feel about you.  It’s your reputation. 


Feedback:  Want to know what color of your product that your customers like best?  Want to know if there is interest in your new product?  Ask your followers. This feedback is a great tool for R&D.


How do you start?

Click here to download a white paper (click on Tips on Twitter) with step by step directions to set up your account as well as a glossary of terms and 3rd party apps that make Twitter even more useful.


Jaci Russo

Sr. Partner

The Russo Group

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