World's Best Lover

I attended a Kindergarten picnic for Mother's Day with our six year old Maggie today.

It was awesome!  I truly love these events every year.  Usually it involves a song and a soggy sandwich eaten on a blanket in the back field.

But this year, Maggie's teacher put a different spin on it.  She had each of the kids answer a fill in the blank about their mom and then Mrs. Johnson read them aloud to the class and we guessed which mom was the subject.

It went something like this:

My mom's favorite food is _____

I make my mom smile when I ________

When I am at school, my mom is ________

My mom is great at lots of things but she is the best _______

As you can imagine, there were lots of similar answers by the kids.  Lots of favorite foods were "spaghetti".  Most kids make their moms smile by "hugging them".  Some moms "shop" when the kids are at school.  Most moms are best at "cooking supper".

My favorite was the mom whose favorite food is fiber bars, is working out when their daughter is at school and she is the best at Wii Fit.  We laughed that she is regular and healthy.

Maggie's answers for me were near the end and in retrospect, I think Mrs. Johnson put it there for a reason.

It went something like this:

My mom's favorite food is those little bars

I make my mom smile when I love her

When I am at school, my mom is working at The Russo Group (the only company mentioned by name)

My mom is great at lots of things but she is the best at loving me.

As Maggie put the gold medal (soup can top with a red ribbon super glued on it) around my neck, she announced to all of the mothers "My mom is the worlds best lover".

As you can imagine, the entire room erupted in laughter.  Getting a reaction, Maggie continued to say it over and over and over again.

After the class sang "You Are My Sunshine" we were all presented with framed pictures of them in dress up clothes and a poem by Christine R. Cassidy

Today, I play dress up and try to act older;
Play games, play sports, I keep getting bolder.

One day you'll blink, I'll be in my teens;
Sometimes you'll wonder if we share the same genes!

Wake up on morning, I'll be ready to wed;
What an abundance of tears you will shed.

Then one day when years have gone by;
And I have my own family you'll sit back and sigh.

Pull out this picture, my youth still shows;
I'm still your precious child in grown-up clothes.

Not a dry eye in the house.  It was beautiful and touching and heart breaking and uplifting all at the same time.

I am known for a lot of things, wife, mother, agency owner, friend, Ragin Cajun, Downtowner, etc. I am now honored to add "World's Best Lover" to the list.

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner
The Russo Group

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