RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: 3 Part Series - "You", "Life", "Search"

3 Part Series - "You", "Life", "Search"

In yesterday's blog, I discussed the Scientology video, "You".

As much as I love the video, the production values, and the message, I commented that it felt like the spot should do more to address the current brand of Scientology.

There has been quite a bit of controversy surrounding the group and it felt like the spot, "You", didn't really address the current perceptions.

And now, I have found two more videos in what is apparently a series of three "You", "Life" and "Search".

"Life" follows a similar theme as "You"

In looking at "You" and "Life", the spots are home runs.

Beautifully moving copy, written almost as prose.

Gorgeous photography that really engages the viewer.

A truly beautiful campaign with spots that I want to live in. The message touches me.

But, it doesn't make me want to be a Scientologist. The campaign doesn't overcome the perceptions that I already have.

Which leads me to believe that I am not the target audience. Since I am pretty happy to be a Methodist, married to a Catholic, they probably aren't talking to me. And we have our own set of conversations to be had.

And then I watched the third spot "Search".

Yep, this campaign, which appears to be launched online, is probably targeting a younger demographic that is still searching for themselves.

So Scientology is positioning themselves as the group to go to when you want to understand why the world is the way it is.

But that leaves me to ask the question, why haven't more people watched the videos?

Why isn't Scientology doing a better job of circulating them?

"You" has 3,742 views

"Life" has 1,307 views

"Search" has 1,372 views

Seems like even their own members aren't watching the videos. Why not?

What do you think?

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner/Brand Strategist

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