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Brand the Conversation: Blog

Tune in every Monday at 5:20pm to KPEL 105.1 fm on the dial or www.kpel1051.com on your computer to "Brand the Conversation: Using Social Media Tools to Expand Your Brand".

Each week we will discuss branding and social media with specific applications being the focus. Please call in, or email, or text, or twitter, or facebook, with questions.

This week's topic is Blogging.

Lots of companies are doing it, should you?

Why blog?

Should the blog be used for profit or promotion?

Who should be the blogger at a company?

Can a blog be used to sell product?

Do consumers even care?

We have collected recent articles on this very subject and you can read more about blogging, how to use it and why, by clicking here and reading Blogging 101.

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner/Brand Strategist

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