RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Recent conversation with five year old Molly:

Mom: If you could have one wish, Molly, what would it be?

Molly: I want to be Katie.

Mom: (definitely not the expected answer) Why?

Molly: Well, umm, because she has straight hair.

Mom: Molly, your hair is pretty straight.

Molly: Not always, sometimes it curls on the end. And also because she is pretty.

Mom: But, honey, you are pretty.

Molly: Well, and also because Katie doesn't pick her nose.

Where do you go from there in the conversation?

So often consumers have a "grass is always greener" mentality. They feel that the dissatisfaction that they have with a company or product can be solved by switching. Yet, they don't realize where their participation can influence the outcome.

It is amazing how many diet pills fail, yet consumers report that they don't take them according to the directions.

The meal doesn't taste great, but that is because the cook didn't follow the instructions on the box.

The free will of the consumer, and their ability/desire to follow the directions, will determine exactly how successful the relationship can be.

Are you inspiring your consumers to live up to their end of the relationship?

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner/Brand Strategist
The Russo Group

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