Branding is about changing the conversation.

The point is to creating an emotional connection that will
engage the potential consumer and cause them to act in
certain way. Once the consumer has moved from
awareness to trial to advocacy, then they will become a
member of the tribe. Assuming that the expectation was
met or exceeded by the experience.

The following video appears to be a very big approach to
rebranding this organization. Knowing that the brand is in
the heart of the consumer, they did a great job of putting the
consumer into the spot and finding a point of engagement.

The aspirational message is very uplifting and all about
being a better you...

"You are not your name, you're not your job, you're not the clothes you wear or the neighborhood you live in. You're not your fears, your failures or your past. You are hope. You are imagination. You are the power to change, to create and to grow. You are a spirit that will never die. And no matter how beaten down, you will rise again."

As an organization that is being questioned on almost all
fronts, facing lawsuits while accusations of fraud fly
through the air, wouldn't it make more sense to actually
address the challenges.

One of the first problems is that it could be a spot for a
variety of different products, such as President of the US or
State Farm or Apple or Nike.

As Adrants points out in their blog, you can't simply cast off
these things.

They are, in essence, what makes you, you.

Rather than ignore it. Perhaps PR and message
training would be a better next step?

What do you think?

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner/Brand Strategist

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