RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: You Want To Control The Conversation?

You Want To Control The Conversation?

Clients biggest fear seems to be about controlling the conversation.  Making sure that no one says anything bad about them.  

The car dealer that hasn't acted ethically doesn't want to get involved in social media because then people will say bad things (the truth) about how he treats his customers.

The bank that is just like every other bank with a long difficult impersonal loan process, rude tellers and a complete lack of understanding and empathy for what their consumers are going through in their small businesses.

The retail store with dirty dressing rooms, snobby overbearing sales people and overpriced clothes.

Rather than turning a deaf ear to what people are saying, instead of ignoring what is being said, wouldn't it make sense to actually improve operations.

Wouldn't it be better if you took a position rather than marketing one.

Why not actually be as great as your ads say you are.

Don't try to control the conversation.  Actually do something great that people can talk about.

Be better.

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner

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