RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Is it Your Benefits or Your Audience?

Is it Your Benefits or Your Audience?

So often the focus of an ad campaign is on the features and benefits of a product.

Yet, have you seriously taken into account your audience?

The AARP can have the most fantastic benefits in the world, but if they are talking to a 21 year old it probably won't make a difference.

The best pool service on the planet will not be given any consideration by an apartment dweller.

The greatest day care can't be utilized by someone without kids.

Are you delivering your powerful message to the right recipient?

Obviously the message is very important, but are you delivering it to someone who can respond to your call to action?

How much of your advertising budget are you spending on people who absolutely can not buy your product, no matter how great it is?

Make sure you are talking to someone who can hear you and can be motivated to act, otherwise you become just a part of the clutter.  

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner

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