RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Social Media is Not a Strategy

Social Media is Not a Strategy

Many people today are consumed with social media.

Traditional media news stories have reported on the growth,

"5 million new users per month on Twitter!!"

and death,

"65% of Twitter users are no longer active."

of different social media applications.

Clients are fascinated,

"So, almost all of my consumers are there?"

and horrified,

"What do you mean we can't control the message."

Most agencies are resistant to social media because they don't know how to bill for it,

"If it's free, it can't be good."

without any consideration for the benefit that social media can bring to their clients.

But all of this discussion swirling around social media seems to not realize one crucial point. Social media applications are not solutions. Social media networking isn't a strategy.

When it comes down to it, social media is a tool in the toolkit. It's another way to communicate and engage with consumers.

Do you tell your consumers that they can't come into your location?

Do you tell your customer service reps that they aren't allowed to talk to a customer with a question?

If you pay attention to your consumers in person, then doesn't it make sense to pay attention to them online?

Please understand, social media doesn't solve your problems. Quite the opposite. If your product is inferior it will be discussed online. If there is something wrong with your business model, your consumers will point it out.

So, you can't rely on social media to make you successful. What you can and should do, is use social media to engage your consumers. Talk to them where they are. They will appreciate it.

What do you think?

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner/Brand Strategist

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Meredith said...

Not a strategy? Really? Tell that to CodeBaby (www.codebaby.com) CEO and marketeers who have a very strategic Social Media plan that supports their overall business strategy. When your SocMedia plan supports your marketing and business strategy, I would argue that indeed it is a STRATEGY.

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