RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Dance, Dance, Dance

Dance, Dance, Dance

We spent the weekend at a dance recital.

With three dancers in the family, we had performers in each of the two dress rehearsals on Saturday as well as the two big shows on Sunday.

The show was fantastic with thirty five dances set to music from the movies, and the entire recital celebrating cinema, it was really entertaining. Each number opened with a short clip from the movie followed by a song from the soundtrack.

The classes range from three year old, first year students dressed as Mary Poppins, Alladin and The Little Mermaid, who spent more time watching the teachers in the wings than they did actually dancing. At the opposite end of the spectrum are the graduates who performed beautiful and moving dances to music from Requiem For a Dream, The Last Kiss and I Robot.

Beyond the great music and well choreographed moves, one thing kept drawing my attention, the boy. In this dance school of probably close to 500 students, there is one boy, John Henry.

During the graduation ceremony shortly before the recital began, he was recognized with all of the other graduating seniors. No flowers and white dress for John Henry, though.

The founder of the dance school became quite choked up as she congratulated him on his accomplishments and recognized him as the first male student the school has had in it's thirty nine year history. A well deserved standing ovation followed.

Every dance that John Henry performed in that night, and there were many, our attention was drawn to him. Granted, he is a fantastic dancer, so talented and graceful. But so are most of the members of the class.

Aside from just his talent, the attention of the audience is drawn to John Henry because he is different. He is THE boy. Our attention is instantly drawn to that which is different. And the entire audience followed his every move.

I'm sure your product is great. I'm sure your customer service is superior. I bet you are one of the best companies in your space.

But how are you different?

How will you draw our attention towards you in a positive way?

How do you earn our attention?

Your competitors are figuring out the answer for their company. What will you do?

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner

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