RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: 10 Reasons Why Small Agencies Rock!

10 Reasons Why Small Agencies Rock!

Obviously, as a small agency, it greatly benefits me for everyone to love small agencies.  I want companies to realize that small agencies provide so much benefit to the community.

1 - Flexible - we never say "that's not how we do it".  Small agencies can adjust to the needs of the client, the project, or the situation.

2 - Nimble - if we don't move quickly then clients move away.  In the immortal words of Jay Chiat, when he was a small agency, "We are the nimble pirates to the rest of the advertising agencies' navy."

3 - Less (no) Bureaucracy - means less layers between client and creative.  This also mean less overhead (see #4).

4 - More Value - less expensive means a better value for your investment

5 - Direct Involvement - there is no "B" or "C" team to relegate the account to.  The principals that built the agency and made it great are actively involved.

6 - Talent - The great strategic and creative minds want to be at a shop where they can spread their wings and really make a difference.  

7 - Quality Hires - Small agencies don't have to hire 150 people in a month - we can recruit the best.

8 - Less Turnover - Which means we are able to keep our people happy and with us longer.

9 - No shareholders - With no holding company and shareholders to answer to we don't have to maintain an expected profit margin and send those profits away.

10 - Community Partners - We can actually get involved in the community and make a difference.

Having worked at large Fortune 100 companies and now for the past 8 years at a small agency.  I can tell you where I produce my best work - and have the most fun.

I love Alex Bogusky's article in Ad Age, Bogusky Loves Small Shops, where he talks about his love for small agencies and his belief that we are the future of advertising.

He is a pretty smart guy and I couldn't agree more.

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner
The Russo Group

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