RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: 9 types of Facebook Friends

9 types of Facebook Friends

I was very leery of Facebook at first.  Truly didn't see the point of it and openly mocked my friends who were early adopters.  Then I got sucked in.  Big time.  

I have reconnected with friends from college, friends from high school, even friends all the way back in grade school that I haven't seen in more years than I care to admit.  

My grandparents who live in San Antonio are now on FB and it is a great way for them to keep up with me and their great-grandchildren.

So, needless to say I am now a fan and have even gotten clients through this social media tool.

Through all of my time on Facebook, the following article from the San Francisco Chronicle is the best summary of the Facebook experience and the 'types of friends' that you will meet there:

The Facebook ghost

Extreme Makeover, Facebook edition

The Facebook snob


The Friend addict

The "Hey, remember me?"

The Facebook superfan

The glory days

The exhibitionist

Like just about everyone who joins Facebook, I started an account two months ago hoping to reconnect with old friends, network within my chosen profession and find out which people from my high school are still hot.

What I didn't expect was how much the online social networking community would be just like going back to 11th grade. There are fewer people wearing Depeche Mode T-shirts and more people sharing random things about themselves, and my locker combination has been replaced with a password. But the sting of rejection, the sanctimony of the popular kids, dressing up for picture day and even the random chatter in the hallways is pretty much exactly the same...

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