How To Brand - Part 1 - FOCUS

There is a perception that Branding is only for large companies with million dollar budgets like Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple, etc.  It would appear that those companies bought the brand equity that makes them so valuable.

Yet, upon further analysis, those companies have just followed good branding practices.  The same branding practices that every company can follow.  There are a lot of companies that are no longer in business that spent a lot of money promoting themselves.  You can't buy a successful brand.

Just to keep us on the same page, let's review the definition of terms:

Branding is not a logo

Branding is not a business card

Branding is not a product or service

To put it simply, branding is how the consumer feels about you.  It is their emotional reaction to your product or service.

There are three parts to successful branding.  Part 1 - FOCUS.



Focus defines that one differentiating and powerfully compelling quality that makes your brand razor sharp, cutting through the clutter while making your brand known and remembered remembered because it makes a promise to your customersand/or clients, and most importantly, keeps it.

By changing the conversation we are then able to clearly define this promise within any given category. In doing so, consumers can easily understand how your particular product or service can enhance their lives. Remember, the consumer owns the brand. We cannot mandate how they feel, but you can influence it.

Tomorrow, part two...

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