First Things First

When times are good and people are in a spending mode, most companies will do well, no matter how they market their products.  

But now, times are tight.

Purchases are evaluated very carefully.  If they don't have to buy it, then they won't.  If they do have to buy it, then they are going to weigh their options very carefully.  

Therefore, it is crucial that we are analyzing marketing decisions to ensure we spend budgets wisely.

Strategy has to come first.  Seriously.

If a company goes straight to tactics, how could they possibly know if the tactic is on strategy.   The company will waste their budget if they don't plan first.  Period.

It is far better to start with determining 'what you are going to say' and 'who you are going to say it to' before you ever start to think of 'where you want to say it'.  

Think First, Then Do.  

Plan First, Then Execute.

Strategy First, Then Tactics.

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner
The Russo Group

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