Selling Hope

"In the factory we make cosmetics but in the store we sell hope." 
Revlon Founder, Max Factor

What are you selling - cosmetics or hope?

Do you sell tires or safety?

Do you sell insurance or protection?

Do you sell ads or success?

With today's harsh economic times, marketers tend to be running towards what they think is safe and will provide immediate sales.  Talking about price.  Discounting prices.  Anything just to drive sales.

If everyone is discounting prices, then the customer still has to make a choice between these newly discounted products.  That final choice to purchase will be made based on value.  

Their perception of value will be based on the brand.  How does the customer "feel" about the product.  All things being relative (and if everyone has been discounting, the prices are relative) which one makes them happy.  Which one gives them hope.  Which one feels "right".

We tend to define ourselves by the products we use "I'm a Mac" or "I'm a PC".  People feel strongly about buying Nike or Reebok.  Don't bring a Pepsi to a Coke drinker think that it will be acceptable.  Brand Loyalty is a very powerful tool.  

Brand Loyalty is not built through discounted prices.  It is built through establishing your position and staying focused on it.  

You need to sell hope not cosmetics.

Jaci Russo
Sr. Partner
The Russo Group

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