RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Scripps Snips Daily in Denver

Scripps Snips Daily in Denver

The closing of the Rocky Mountain News in Denver, Colorado leaves a city of 2.7 million without a daily newspaper.  The following video delivers a very powerful and emotional view inside the newsroom and the reporters that have had their lives turned upside down.

Everyone in advertising is watching and waiting to see if daily newspapers will evolve and grow during this digital age or continue to suffer the wrath of the changing world.


Just as Adam Hartung explains in the following article, the Rocky Mountain News isn’t the first, and I don’t think it will be the last…

Is your market soft, or has it shifted? - Newspaper failures

by Adam Hartung   

The Rocky Mountain News has folded up shop.  After 150 yearsno more newspaper in Denver, CO. (read article here).  This is newsworthy because of the size of Denver, but the trend has been obvious.  The newspaper's owner (Scripps) closed the Albuquerque Tribune and Cincinnati Post last year.  And this is just the beginning.  Hearst has already said it may well have to close the San Francisco Chronicle within weeks.  Tribune Company, parent of The Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times has filed for bankruptcy, as has  Philadelphia Newspapers which publishes the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily Journal.  The American Society of Newspaper Editors has cancelled its annual convention for 2009 (read article here.)...

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