RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Are You One In A Million?

Are You One In A Million?

Each person is special.  Truly.  

We are all a little different from each other.  

No matter which demographic or psychographic profile you use to start categorizing, there are enough points of difference that I am the only person that will ever have the exact same history and background that I do.

Why, then, do you continue to talk to me like I am one of the masses?  Why expect that the message for that person is also the right message for me.

I am a media buyer by trade and think that mass media will never go away.  but the way that it is being utilized will change.  Now you can learn so much about your consumers.  It goes beyond just age and gender, way beyond.  And you can use that information in a good way - not just in a weird stalker kind of way.

With the use of social media you can really get to know your customer.  

Talk to me.  Talk directly to me like I am the only one in the room.  

Think about how much more connected we will be.

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