RAZOR BRANDING BLOG: Taking it to the Streets for Tea

Taking it to the Streets for Tea

Bigelow Tea goes to the streets to meet customers.

Chris Brogan's post, "Put a Face To Your Brand", highlights Bigelow Tea and their 'take it to the streets' effort.  Cindi Bigelow, the President of the company, and grand-daughter of the founder, is on the streets of NYC talking to tea and coffee drinkers about their beverage choices.

I agree with Chris, having an actual person represent the brand is important in this day and age of transparency.  Although the days of fictional spokespeople will never go away completely, this is definitely a time that calls for personalization.

As great as the Bigelow 'man on the street' effort is, I am actually more impressed by the way they are using social media to expand the brand.  Posting the videos on their website, putting them out on YouTube, bloggers expanding that message - all good use of social media.  Without spending any money on advertising, they have put their message (2:30 minutes of video instead of just 30 seconds) in front of thousands.

Great job to Bigelow Tea - really makes me want to put on a pot of water and wait for the whistle.

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